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2020-21School Year Program     

2020-21 KidsCare (formerly EduCare) Information will be available
at the beginning of August.
If you would like information emailed to you, please email


The 2020-21 Kids Care (formerly EduCare) Program provides before and after school care for children in grades PreK-5. We strive to provide a fun, enriching, and supportive environment. All participants will be introduced to activities that promote healthy lifestyles and social emotional learning through enrichment, discovery, teamwork, nutrition, and physical activity. Our goal is to support your child in a positive environment that builds assets, increases self-esteem, supports life-long learning, and reinforces social competencies.

COVID-19 Information: The EduCare program strictly adheres to the guidelines written by the New York State Education Department and the Monroe County Department of Health in order to keep children healthy and safe. Please do not send your child to EduCare if they are sick. Conversely, if it is determined that your child has a fever or is not feeling well, we ask that you pick them up as soon as possible.